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All plans include

  • Fiber Uplinks
  • Best BGP Networks
  • Multiple IPX
  • Redundant Power
  • Free Cooling
  • Available Remote Hands 24/7/365
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1U Housing
annually get (20% discount)
100 /month
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  • SIZE
    19" 1200mm depth
  • PDU
    2 x C13 Outlet
    1Gbps Uplink
best value
42U Housing
annually get (20% discount)
800 /month
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  • SIZE
    19" 1200mm depth
  • PDU
    2 x 32AMP 0U PDU APC
    0,21€ /kwh

Housing Technical Specifications

Some detailed information about our datacenter services.

Other Services PLUS
Tier IV
Cisco Core Custom Cabling & Installation
2N Power Sources
Force10 Switching Remote Hands 24x7
2N Cooling 20Gbps Uplink Remote Monitoring 24x7
2N Power Generators 40G/100G Options MultiCloud Connection

Frequently Asked Questions Housing

Some answer to the most frequently asked questions by new customers

Can We bring our own CDIR?
  • Yes, we publish customer CDIR Ranges in our ASN 205081 as additional monthly fee.

Can you install our servers?
  • Yes, we provide expert server / network installation services for remote clients, this service will avoid major expenses. All servers must have rails for safe installation.

Do you have remote hands 24x7?
  • Yes, remote hands and eyes are the most valuable service in a Housing service. We can guarrantee SLA up 30min response.

What maximum depth do your racks allow?
  • Our common racks allow up 42U with a deep of 1200mm, allow your team setup the lastest and hyperscale servers in the market.All servers must come with rails for safe installation.

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